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TREC Sponsorship Request

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Video Library | 0 comments

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Step-by-Step - TREC Sponsorship Request instructions
  1. Log on to your TREC account at https://www.trec.texas.gov/
  2. On the Quick Start Menu
    • go to Change You License Information and Manage Sponsorship
    • click Manage My Sponsorship
  3. On the Manage My Sponsorship – Introduction page
    • click Next.
  4. On the Manage My Sponsorship – Manage My List page
    • terminate any current sponsorships
    • then click Request Sponsorship
  5. On the Request Sponsorship page
    • under License Type select Real Estate Company
    • under License Number type 591888
    • click Search
    • select NANET-LIMITED LLC
    • click Request
  6. On the Manage My Sponsorship – Manage My List page
    • click Next
  7. On the Manage My Sponsorship – Application Summary page
    • click Submit
  8. On the Manage my Sponsorship – Statement of Applicant page
    • click Yes
    • click Next
  9. On the Summary Report page ​
    • click Pay Now
  10. On the Online Application Payment page
    • click Next
  11. On the Confirmation page
    • click Next
  12. Enter payment information (fee should be between $10-$21 for the TREC fee)
  13. On the Online Application Payment Success page
    • click Next
  14. On the Quick Start Menu
    • logoff


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